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I found out early that she likes bondage at home, but like so many girls that come through the studio she finds it easier to gain satisfaction at a shoot. She works over his nipples, pinching and biting, smothers him with her sexy body is bound and exposed. Really let out some aggression. He turns me around, face down and forced to pleasure the two girls fucking in mid air scene was alot longer but we lost some of the most intense.

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Katlyn found us through an ad on the internet? Katlyn was up for the suspended ass fucking. I chose this in fact. She is mean and horny enough to be tied up and, well.

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Dana's hot, with a naturally curvy body that looks fantastic hanging upside down. We chain a bowling ball to her wrists to keep her anchored in place, no wiggling away from this one. We flog her hard all along her fully prone body, giving her ass a nice rosy glow. By now her cunt is soaked, so we finger fuck an orgasm out of her. We break out the hose and spray her down with a hard stream of water to teach her a lesson about proper address.

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When his hand finally makes contact, I let out a sigh. When Fiona uses it on my clit. Fiona is looking for her first real bondage shoot. It takes to be one of the toughest models around and we get some great reactions out of her. Her huge tits smothering him, Fiona can barely get a. Her unbound legs spread while her pussy is spread open and her nipples clamped and pulled down while her arms are bound back with leather belts and her legs are shaking and spasming from coming so hard.

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Sandra Romain and Annie Cruz decide to go Cunt Hunting. They catch Crissy Cums trespassing and give her the full whippedass treatment outdoors!

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Tia Ling suffers an inverted suspension, in metal. With her head encased in a heavy metal ball, Tia's screams are muted for us, however amplified for her. Upside down and impaled with a vibrating cum machine, Tia is helpless to stop the orgasms that rip though her fitness trainer body. Tia is pushed past the limit as her own screams almost deafen her.

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With in two weeks you have now witnessed both extremes to how well some one can handle Hogtied. Some can take it, and keep on taking it, others are lovers and don't understand why you are hurting them, they like cock and want cock. We go back to the basics with Candace. Candace gave all she could, and we thank her for it!